Refund Policy Learn more about our refund policy

Dear Clients,

3-www.NET - Vast Euro1 Ltd has a "No-Questions-Asked" refund policy. We will refund any of our product-service sales cost or unused portion of your deposit within 2 weeks of your request.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee!!!

For all verified clients with good client reputation & they have 1 at least one active product-service we provide a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee for most of our products-services, this guarantee is valid if it's not come against suppliers specific policy.

General Refund Policy Guarantee

For most of our services we provide a 20 Days Refund Guarantee and if there is no any other special notice on product-service details so for your money back exist a general 20 Day limit period.

For All Promo Domains we don't provide refund as this products are under special deal terms with the registrars.

For Domain Names we provide refund from 0 to 5 Days and this concerns up to main registrars terms.

For Domain Names which comes as free with any hosting plans we do not accept canceling and we do provide any refund. 

For Domain Names which might be last time registered by any other registrar or have other price as like premium one then you can cancel your order with total full refund with any added transaction cost.

For Shared Hosting we provide refund up to 20 Days.

For Cloud Hosting we provide refund up to 15 Days.

For All Server Plans we provide refund up to 15 Days.

For All 1-3 Months products-services plans we don't provide any refund guarantee.

Before any refund transaction we shall deduct any money cost which we might have from-for Paypal, VivaWallet or Bank Cost, etc.

This TERM it's over any other similar term which might mentioned into our pages such as TOS, or etc.


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