Share Hosting Limits – SOS!!!
  1. Don’t keep Backups into server.
  2. Softaculous giving the option for autoback never allow this.
  3. Each Database must not over 1GB per base.
  4. After our last system upgrade we use inode counting (What is Inode)
  5. A file can be up to 1GB not over this.
  6. Every shared hosting plan account can have totally up to 100.000 files our old one limit was 40.000 files per account.
  7. Each, (seperate), domain name account or addon domain or subdomain can't have more than 100.000 files.
  8. Emails – You can send no more than 25 emails per minute (using PHP) and 9 emails/minute (using SMTP). Additionally, You are allowed to send up to 100 emails/hour.
  9. Read our TOS.
  10. Any rule break giving us the right to act and to procced to delete any of the above mentioning file, data etc. with no any damage obligation to any user, client etc.

Cloud Hosting Limits

  1. Cloud Hosting have only one, "an inode limit which is 1.000.000 files".
  2. For Cloud Hosting there is no any other limit.
  3. What is inode?
     Inode is an inside server control setup which count all of your server data, so be care about it because inodes counting all of it, such as mails, images, php, files.... etc.
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